Mr Sandman, bring us a dream

Quiet tonight. Don’t really feel like turning on the TV for the background noise though. It’s been a nice day. House is mostly clean and spooky for the season. Had a lovely day with the offspring. I wish the world did not seem as gloomy as it does and I had a million dollars to spend on Halloween shopping, but I’m still getting pretty excited for one of my favorite of days/nights.

Been decorating and doing little arty projects around the place. Nothing worth specific mention, but enough to stir those old creative juices. I love this time of year. Something about the autumn and the spring seasons gets me all worked up and motivated each year, especially when it is getting close to the best holiday ever. Hoping to do a little more with this breath of fresh air over the next days and weeks. Can’t remember the last time I created something that wasn’t a baked good or yet another bird feeder made out of recycling (hey, 2020 has been a nutty year. We all did what we had to do, LOL).

Thinking of branching out a little and making the tiniest bit of effort at some things I have neglected for quite some time. We’ll see how I feel in the morning though. Always waking up a different person than the one who went to bed…

Saw the 1989 earthquake mentioned today. I do not have tons of clear memories from being younger but do remember that earthquake. I was playing with some friends and a cousin in an old broken-down green Nova that was full of spider webs. We all started blaming each other for “rocking the car” and yelling at each other to stop before it dawned on us; the ground was moving the car, not us.

For me it was a memory of a long, strange earthquake that rocked and rolled an otherwise immobile green car around on the ground like a hot wheels toy. Nobody close to me was hurt and I don’t remember much in the way of damage. In other places it had been much worse. Sixty-three people died in San Francisco that day.

Thirty-one years ago. Geez. Can’t say it makes me feel old, but it certainly does not make me feel like a young pup.

I should sleep soon. Whether it actually happens or not is another matter, but I’ll log out of a few sites and make some attempt to settle down for the night. Tomorrow I’ll probably return to watching at least one creepy film a day, because it is only two more weeks until Halloween after all and that is what horror nerds do. Maybe see what new ideas come to mind once it has rested a bit. Until then, I’m off to bargain with the Sandman. Hope he’s cute and into red-headed weirdos. 🖤