Mother of Meat

I keep dipping offline for longer periods of time. The more time I spend away from the internet, the better I feel. This is going to make socializing tough if it keeps up, especially these days. The interruption to the normally constant intake of other ideas, feelings and opinions lets some of my own more creative little thoughts bubble up to the surface. Been thinking about ducking off for a few weeks or possibly longer and only occasionally checking email during that time. Would love to get a little “real” writing done if I can.

Been feeling a touch better the last few days after a very hot but productive week. Not every problem can be solved in an afternoon but I am slowly learning to find small moments of contentment and victory in between the more frustrating times. My kids can still make me laugh and sometimes do so often. My oldest had another birthday and it ended up being a lovely dinner and cake night. Somewhere in there was a grocery, supply and medication run to a nearby town. It was 110 degrees that day but the trip ended up going fairly well anyway and the half-day adventure was nice; face masks, hand sanitizer and all.

I managed to watch a couple of good films in the last week including a documentary I really liked called Collodion: The Process of Preservation (2020) as well as a horror/comedy I just adored from beginning to end called Nicole (2019). Last night I gave Guns Akimbo (2019) a try and liked it a lot more than expected, even though it was just another one of those colorful, loud shoot-em-up films. Also been watching the X-files again after being gifted all nine seasons plus the newer stuff in a box set last month.

The house is mostly clean and the fridge, freezer and cabinets are filled with good food. Everyone is home tonight and feeling well. Sometimes life is about taking what wins you can get until the day a bigger one comes along. Last night my youngest yelled out “Holy Mother of Meat that is good!” after biting into some roast I did up in the slow cooker. Guess I still have the touch in the kitchen and compliments are always better when they come from kids. Not only are they genuine, they are often times hilarious.

Low moods may be on the horizon again in the future, but tonight that is not the case.