Cleaning Up

Done doing chores for the moment. Think I have cleaned, sorted and organized my belongings half a dozen times since February when we moved in. It is getting to the point where there is literally nothing left to go through, it’s all been put away and then put away again.

I freaking love rubbermaid bins. It started ages ago before I knew how awful plastic was. Now the home is full of them, almost all in the same size and color. Sometimes I’m not sure if sights like this say “highly organized individual” or “serial killer” but it feels nice to have a place and label for everything.

An app says its 101 F outside right now. I’ll just trust that source, not opening the door to let the heat in. Going to make an honest attempt to chill for a few hours before dinner. The weed helps with relaxation and backing out of my own mind a little. I normally try not to indulge too much during the earlier part of the day but it is the lord’s day after all…

Have been taking a break from social media for the most part. Probably not forever, just a reset. Only signing in at night briefly to see if I have any messages and then back off again. Too much time is spent scrolling apps and liking posts. We’re probably all misusing that technology, myself included. Will try to be more interactive with the people who matter when I finally decide to dive back in.

A break is most likely a good thing for a short while anyway. The mind gets cluttered enough as it is without the constant streaming and reading. Tonight I just want to focus on making pesto and watching a movie with one of my kids.