Rain and Fire

Feeling pretty decent today. The weather has been hot – up in the 107 range some days – but today was slightly cooler. The news delivers a dozen crazy new tales a day from other places in the state and country. Still, my spirits are up for a moment. It’s a nice break from the morbs after months of pretty persistent depression running like a crappy background program most days.

Lightning and thunder storms rolled through the states from south to north once again, passing over us as they made their way up the coast until my friends in Seattle were posting about the exciting show. It was fun to watch and listen to and the rain that came with the second storm was wonderful. Yet even with the rain the short-lived fun had a price. There are fires up and down the state again, some started by the recent lightning we were just admiring days ago. A state of emergency has been declared again, because, you know, “It’s that time of year.” Fire season. We’re at a good distance from most of the flareups but it is always good to keep an eye and ear on the news.

Don’t remember people discussing fire season when I grew up in this state as a child. I don’t think anyone ever talked to me about bug-out bags and evacuation preparedness back then. Mainly they tried worrying us about earthquakes and had us do silly drills and hide under our desks. You know, so they would know where to find the crushed little corpses in the rubble, under the desks…

Now I talk to my kids about masks, hand sanitizing and bug-out bags. Life never stops being nutty in one fashion or another I suppose.

However things here at home are quiet tonight, like usual. Everyone is filling up on five-cheese lasagna and other goodies. The dog is fat and happy. The house is cooling down. I’m trying to decide if I will waste the evening away with films, games or both.
I’ll figure it out. 😉