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The Blue Dragon


I write often. I used to write a bit of poetry and fiction however over the years the motivation left me. I’m not sure why; it wasn’t due to a lack of imagination. There is nothing stopping my stories, ideas and unusual thoughts from spilling across a page except for my own hesitation to actually…

Laughing Through the Pain


Last week we went to see Marc Maron do a stand-up show at the Moore theater. It was a lot of fun. He’s a great comedian to go see as he still really seems to love doing what he does. For two hours he ranted like a hilarious lunatic, told his tales and then showed…

Muted Thunder


This dance gets old. With silence. With darkness. Alone inside my own mind. I’m doing it all correctly this time around. Crossing my ‘T’s and dotting my ‘I’s. I’m taking my brisk walk to work in the mornings, playing the role of “rockstar” at my position. There is no lack of thanks or praise from…