At home freshly showered with my lower half buried under blankets on the bed even though it’s still warm and blue skies outside. It’s one of those less common evenings when there isn’t much on the to-do list and so I’m lazily lounging around trying to decide between a little light gaming or a good movie. It’s nice having a night free of responsibility. Of course, now my mind has time to wander…

May is almost over and I feel some relief about that. Maybe June will bring with it more answers than questions and more successes than worries. May beat my little heart up to pieces a couple of times, though I won’t bother going into details about how and why. It was a month for sad realizations and quiet lessons. I’m more mixed up now than in a while about the future, but far from hopeless. I feel determination growing in my heart in place of the sadness and longing. I feel more inspired to write and take photos than in years. Started working on small art projects again. Started making graphics again. It’s been a very long time since I felt truly motivated to create; I’m glad that came out of the month.

Over the weeks I’ve had this thought often: “You’ve been feeding the wrong wolves for far too long.” It’s true. Now let’s see if I have the courage to let a couple of the others out of their cage.