Monthly archives: June, 2017

The Blue Dragon


I write often. I used to write a bit of poetry and fiction however over the years the motivation left me. I’m not sure why; it wasn’t due to a lack of imagination. There is nothing stopping my stories, ideas and unusual thoughts from spilling across a page except for my own hesitation to actually…

A Love Worth Remembering


On my walk to work the other morning I stopped in the corner market along the way, Durn Good Grocery. There’s a gentleman who works there in the mornings who usually has a smile and friendly conversation waiting. I’m not normally one for chit-chat but he’s always been kind when I stop in for my…



I dislike lies but understand the need to keep secrets. How many secrets have I kept for others over the years? How many have I carried around with me? The truth of the matter is that there are days when I feel as if my entire personality is just that: a secret. People rarely take…