Monthly archives: March, 2017



I have been dreaming vividly again over the last weeks. Not nightmares so much, though one I had the other night did bother me quite a bit. It seems silly now because it really wasn’t creepy, just strange. I dreamt that I was trying to cover up the tiniest little spot on my forehead with…

Green, Black and Blue


I had forgotten about Saint Patrick’s day. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that it was coming up. I think I saw a few tacky memes online floating around. About noon yesterday I heard a few jokes in the cafe about drinking that night and hangovers. I thought to myself, “Eh. It’s…

The downside is they can never stop swimming


A line from one of my favorite movies as a title for today. Sitting here at my laptop, my feet hanging off the side of the bed with black rain boots decorated in grey skulls. I need the water proofing for the floors since the apartment flooded on Thursday. We live right next to I-5….

A Tale of Another Long Friday


Yesterday was “just one of those days.” The alarm went off at six and I climbed out of bed to do the usual morning routine. Hardly anything went right for the rest of the day after that moment. I did a few things quietly for half an hour before going to wake my youngest son….