Monthly archives: August, 2016

Only Forward


It becomes easy to lose sight of progress being made when life feels like a constant uphill struggle. Like climbing an enormous mountain on a cloudy day; you’re exhausted and can’t see the top but you know that the only direction to go is up. It’s hard though. After a while all of the scenery…

The Circle


Worry worry worry. I wonder what I would do with all of the time spent worrying if I could just stop. I have the kind of mind that will literally kill my heart someday. The last week has been full of worries and overthinking. There is another school year approaching and all of the fuss…

A Nice Day


It’s been a few days. I’ve been focused on important tasks that have fallen on me recently and it has kept me busy. I have been feeling better though. Yesterday was a good day. Work went well and stayed relatively cool. I left on time and had a nice trip home. The kids immediately rushed…