Monthly archives: July, 2016



I won’t say that I ever dreamed of having children or of living in a large city when I was a teenager. These things simply happened and, luckily for me, both turned out to be pretty cool. It’s hard though. Learning to be a good parent is an ongoing process and I sometimes find that…



My birthday snuck up on me this year, as it usually does. I had forgotten that I had a few things to renew including my state ID. Since my birthday was only days away when I remembered this, I didn’t have time to take a day off from work to go the the DMV so…



The rain is coming down hard this morning. I woke up to hear it pouring down onto our cement patio. What a nice relief at the end of such a warm and chaotic work week. I always did prefer rainy, cloudy days. Blue skies might be pretty in pictures but I will take rain, wind…



I don’t write about my children much in the public eye. I post the occasional photo for family and friends on Facebook or Twitter, but I try not to excessively talk about my family on the internet. For a variety of reasons, safety and privacy obviously being the first. However, a large part of it…

I give up. What?


Sometimes there are more thoughts and words than I know what to do with. Then there are other mornings. The quiet ones. You would think that typing up at least one paragraph a day would be an easy goal to stick with. However, that is turning out not to be the case. Another pound down….



I turn thirty-seven in less than a week. I never get too excited about birthdays, nor do I waste time worrying about the age that I am. I never did understand the obsession with age to be quite honest. Aging is just part of life and it hasn’t bummed me out too much thus far….



I should sleep. It’s the only thing that makes sense when it’s late and I’m feeling this restless. I will sleep, my mind and body will relax and I will wake tomorrow feeling better. So why am I stubbornly fighting sleep like a five year old holding her breath because she doesn’t want to eat…



I know it is popular to make jokes about Monday and complain about the beginning of the work week, however for me there is a kind of relief when Monday rolls around. Sometimes I have no fresh ideas or plans for the weekends. Or perhaps it is one of those weeks when my mood was…

Adventure is to the Soul…


I wonder what became of Jessie “The Gypsy”. Some boy passing through the town of Sebastopol, CA when I was about seventeen and worked at a Burger King there. He spent hours and three trips to counter to order food before he really talked to me. Said he was only passing through with a ‘clan…

Off Switch


I’m committed to writing something each day, even if only a few words. Therapy bullshit, the motivation for it is boring. I am exhausted this morning. I had a series of intense dreams all through the night and I feel drained, like I didn’t sleep a wink. Again. I wish there was a way to…