Monthly archives: June, 2016

Leave Me a Cozy Shadow


A customer came into the cafe today asking to take pictures. At first he only took photos of the staff out front. However, he made his way back into the kitchen with his camera, awkwardly pointing it at people and asking if he could take their picture. One of the newer cooks working next to…

Time to Wake Up


Another stress dream. It ended with holding my youngest son, who was hurt and crying in my arms. He was silently rocking and sobbing while I did my best to hug and comfort him. Then the alarms sound and I realize that it is time to open my eyes and hit the “dismiss” buttons on…

Muted Thunder


This dance gets old. With silence. With darkness. Alone inside my own mind. I’m doing it all correctly this time around. Crossing my ‘T’s and dotting my ‘I’s. I’m taking my brisk walk to work in the mornings, playing the role of “rockstar” at my position. There is no lack of thanks or praise from…