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It’s Friday afternoon. This time last week I was rushing home to get ready for a night out. The annual goth prom at my old watering hole came around again and I wanted to attend. I rarely go to clubs anymore; perhaps once or twice a year. Drinking buddies stopped texting and messaging once I…

Green, Black and Blue


I had forgotten about Saint Patrick’s day. Somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that it was coming up. I think I saw a few tacky memes online floating around. About noon yesterday I heard a few jokes in the cafe about drinking that night and hangovers. I thought to myself, “Eh. It’s…

No Time For Tears


Life is getting stranger and stranger. The more I take in, the more I am overwhelmed by just how much is happening in the world in every moment all around me. Reading the news feels a tad bit like having woken up in some kind of Twilight Zone universe. President Donald Trump. Jeezus fucking christ….

Only Forward


It becomes easy to lose sight of progress being made when life feels like a constant uphill struggle. Like climbing an enormous mountain on a cloudy day; you’re exhausted and can’t see the top but you know that the only direction to go is up. It’s hard though. After a while all of the scenery…

The Circle


Worry worry worry. I wonder what I would do with all of the time spent worrying if I could just stop. I have the kind of mind that will literally kill my heart someday. The last week has been full of worries and overthinking. There is another school year approaching and all of the fuss…



My birthday snuck up on me this year, as it usually does. I had forgotten that I had a few things to renew including my state ID. Since my birthday was only days away when I remembered this, I didn’t have time to take a day off from work to go the the DMV so…



I turn thirty-seven in less than a week. I never get too excited about birthdays, nor do I waste time worrying about the age that I am. I never did understand the obsession with age to be quite honest. Aging is just part of life and it hasn’t bummed me out too much thus far….



I should sleep. It’s the only thing that makes sense when it’s late and I’m feeling this restless. I will sleep, my mind and body will relax and I will wake tomorrow feeling better. So why am I stubbornly fighting sleep like a five year old holding her breath because she doesn’t want to eat…

Adventure is to the Soul…


I wonder what became of Jessie “The Gypsy”. Some boy passing through the town of Sebastopol, CA when I was about seventeen and worked at a Burger King there. He spent hours and three trips to counter to order food before he really talked to me. Said he was only passing through with a ‘clan…