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The Blue Dragon


I write often. I used to write a bit of poetry and fiction however over the years the motivation left me. I’m not sure why; it wasn’t due to a lack of imagination. There is nothing stopping my stories, ideas and unusual thoughts from spilling across a page except for my own hesitation to actually…



I’m up early again. There is no reason to wake at 5:30am but I can never get back to sleep and so it ends up being the start time for the day sometimes. It’s still a little early for the make-up routine. I wonder why I bother with it to be honest. I suppose most…

A splash of color


I’ve been in a good mood all week and today was great. The daily routine went on with hardly any bumps. Work sailed by and I caught more than the usual amount of breaks. I saw people I knew all throughout the week; some old co-workers, others old friends. A friend stopped in work today…

My Kingdom for a Clean, Quiet Refuge


Boyfriend accidentally woke me up at 6:30am this morning. On a Saturday. He didn’t really do anything wrong and if it wasn’t him it would have been a kid or a pet. Someone always manages to cause just enough waves on Saturday morning to wake the insomniac, who sleeps light in the early morning hours…

The downside is they can never stop swimming


A line from one of my favorite movies as a title for today. Sitting here at my laptop, my feet hanging off the side of the bed with black rain boots decorated in grey skulls. I need the water proofing for the floors since the apartment flooded on Thursday. We live right next to I-5….

A Tale of Another Long Friday


Yesterday was “just one of those days.” The alarm went off at six and I climbed out of bed to do the usual morning routine. Hardly anything went right for the rest of the day after that moment. I did a few things quietly for half an hour before going to wake my youngest son….



127.5 this morning. The last time it was normal to wake up with my weight down in the 120’s on a daily basis was twenty years ago when I was seventeen. I seem to have rediscovered the same metabolism I had back then as well. I remember several years back trying everything from the expensive…

I don’t really have a choice, right?


I was watching one of those comedic dramas the other day about an alcoholic man who’s life had finally hit bottom. At one point in the film he looks up an old crush and visits her at home. She’s a single working mom and has a tale or two about how things had been over…

No Time For Tears


Life is getting stranger and stranger. The more I take in, the more I am overwhelmed by just how much is happening in the world in every moment all around me. Reading the news feels a tad bit like having woken up in some kind of Twilight Zone universe. President Donald Trump. Jeezus fucking christ….



Time is slipping by so fast. Wasn’t it just spring time? Wasn’t I just walking the streets near my home admiring all of the new blooms, gorgeous petals and wonderful aromas of nature waking up for the year? Now the trees are nearly bare and the ground is covered¬†with beautiful, decaying leaves that crunch¬†under my…